Nutrient Dense Foods, LLC Is a Recognized Leader
In The 3 Primary Areas of Confidential Contract Product Formulation, Manufacturing and Nutrient Dense Ingredient Supplier for
The Food and Beverage Industry


We enjoy the challenge of formulating a product for you which the market has not seen before. Our dynamic team has over 33 years of experience in leading edge nutrient dense nutrition across a broad range of foods and drinks for both humans and pets. We can formulate from a confidential idea you have, which you would like to turn into a product and bring to market. Our formulation expertise is not only limited to a primary focus on taste to satisfy your customers’ taste buds, but also includes the security of knowing the nutrition in your products is of the high standards you would want for your customers.


Our custom manufacturing and private labeling services include a full range of foods and beverages. We can manufacture for you or private label for you. Using the latest in high quality manufacturing methods, we are able to accomplish your manufacturing goals through our wide range of partnerships. We can provide precision, automation, and quality manufacturing using the latest in packaging. Our capabilities include supplying ingredients for you, coordinating any and all of your packaging needs and components, and bringing your project to “Load In The Semi” ready.

Ingredients Supplier

Nutrient dense ingredients are really our specialty. We can get most any ingredient you would want or need for your food or beverage products for all ages, including pet foods and pet beverages. However, the leading edge of nutrient dense ingredients is really where we shine above all others.


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